Who am I?

I dunno, you tell me. Who ARE you? What makes you you? What is important to being you?

The basics are nice to know. My name is Kirsten. I’m originally from California; San Juan Bautista, baby, foreeevvvverrrr tiny and filled with chickens in my heart. I’ve also lived in Utah, Maine, British Columbia and Quebec. Right now I’m based out of Montreal. My husband is a mostly mild-manned IT professional by day, and prog-god in his off hours. He writes complex music and we discuss the merits of extended-range guitars and math metal, which our 2-year-old daughter loves to dance to. Yea, 4/4 is for suckers as far as she is concerned. I don’t know many other kids her age who love Animals as Leaders. We love music, craft beer and homebrewing, and delicious foods from around the world. I read, write, crochet, watercolour, and teach English. I also know my way around a toolbox and love turning useless junk into less-useless stuff. It’s great!

A photo of me, turned painting! I did NOT paint this, sadly. This is a computer image, which I aspire to!
Someday. =(

I grew up speaking English but learning Spanish, and have since learned (and use) French as my second language. 9 months of intensive courses took me from “le fromage means cheese, right..?” to actually being able to hold a conversation! So I really, honestly understand how intimidating and hard learning and using a second language can be. I live in my second language every day (when I go out, anyway). If you struggle with English, I can both relate and help!

The smaller details are important too. I’m someone who used to be extremely timid and fearful. I hated talking to people yet had a burning desire to make connections. It sucked. I used books and video games to fill my world with people – albeit, fictional ones. I’m still a bit of a hermit, but fantasy and sci-fi both pushed me to try new things and leave my fears for later. I moved far from home, met new people, studied biology and ecology, and learned to do a bunch of things my teenage self would never have believed. I even started teaching English despite my introverted nature! It’s been a long journey of many small steps, but by letting my dreams be more important than my fears I have come to an amazing place. And there’s more for me to do! I ain’t maxed my stats yet, nonononono. Time to level this puppy up.

Feel like social media salutations? Find me on Instagram as MethodicalMuse or lurking on Reddit as IrisKalla.

That’s it for now! Pop in, say hi, let me know your story too!